WAVE Board of Directors

Public access is the only way to see local programming on television and on the Internet. For residents of Woodland, it’s WAVE – Woodland Access Visual Enterprises – that allows Woodlanders to view such local events as the annual Chili Cook-off, Woodland’s holiday parade (one of the largest in Northern California, aired live to over 27 cities), or the big football play-off game between Woodland High and Pioneer High, for example.
One of the most important things that Wave does is act as an archivist of local events and happenings. We’re filming our local history for future generations and are making it available on-air and the Internet. We are always looking for folks who want to participate.


 Wave Board Members

Fred Schutman President
  Al Smith Vice President
  Diana Dearmore Treasurer
  Ed shelley Secretary
  Randy Russell Board Member
  Martie Dote Board Member
  Jeff Levich Board Member



Diana Dearmore, Station Manager

Mark Hefley, Programmer